OSS is one of the well known Indian buying house from Delhi exporting and supplying a wide variety of products.

We have expertise for sourcing, sampling, quality checks, Inspections, Audit and shipment co-ordination. OSS is a one stop shop for all importers, we act as their Indian counterparts and deliver a wide range of buying services. We have a strong vendor base across India for sourcing of Home Furnishings, Floor Coverings, Housewares, Furniture, Apparels, Gifts and Accessories, Christmas Items, Henna and more.

With our strong business associations with the country’s best suppliers, exporters and manufacturers dealing in a vast variety of products we bring the choicest range of products to our buyers offering them the best of designs, quality and prices.


Supplier Identification:

OSS identify new suppliers based on their product range, infra-structure, financial status, man power and competence of management. We constantly update our information on new manufacturers and new products. Information pertaining to new varieties of value additions, fabric, accessories, new-technology area and quota availability are also updated. 

Selection of Vendors: 
We assess the factories in terms of designs & collection, quality of the product made, production capacity, facilities, financial capability, technology orientation, man power, working conditions, managerial efficiency and their complete quality policy. Once our initial assessment is over we exchange information with our principals and make a combined assessment in approving an identified vendor. 

Sourcing Benefits

In most cases in today's global market, if want to gain competitive advantages by purchasing components, products or materials from India, you don't need to set up an IPO (international procurement office) abroad, you can just hire a local sourcing agent in India to be your representative to search for, select, negotiate with suppliers.

Sourcing in India - Cheaper, Safer and Easier

Why source from India?

India's entry into the World Trade Organization has signaled its willingness to assume a more important international economic role. There are a number of factors which enable Indian manufacturers to produce high quality products, some of the main ones are:
• Lower cost of production due to: 
     o Lower wages and handling costs 
     o Cheaper land and estate costs 
     o Mass production lowers unit price 
     o Tax incentives granted by Government to encourage industrialisation. 
     o Abundant supply of labour without adding to cost of production. 
• Logistics, transportation and facilities at lower rates. 
• Export tax incentives. 
• Economy of scale 
• Lower currency exchange rate


  •  Why get sourcing services from OSS? 

Save by importing direct from the factory
OSS is the expert in every process when you are sourcing in India.
Use OSS to manage your sourcing project, to save time, money and headaches when importing from India.

Quality and professional inquiry to supplier
NO MISS of a good supplier, OSS can help you select and lock on the proper suppliers with our rich experience in this area for years.

Professional manufacturer for your products
Strict manufacturer verification to their competence for your products, as well as estimated prices under your target and the assurance of delivery time you required.

Quality guarantee of the products as what you ordered
With our familiarity of supplier’s habit, our strict order following program and contract terms to suppliers will confirm that there is no game playing on you such as deducting product cost using poor materials

Payment security to supplier
Acting as the functional division like account department, reducing the work of transferring money to many suppliers
Instead of this, we will hold the capital to control suppliers, then to followup the order all for your payment security. 
Shipment Guarantee for goods from many suppliers
It is to be noticed that only a small random numbers of suppliers in India registered for export license, so this will be a problem when they are combined in a container for export, even with a custom agent cannot have this problem handled, but with us, you will not have any problem for any kind of manufacturers or any kind of merchandises. 

Independent warehousing and logistics
Free your concern about purchasing will for buying different volume of goods from different suppliers with our own warehouse
Avoid transshipment to considerably protect your goods with our own logistic to pick up goods from suppliers.


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